Independent Tests Validate Meru 802.11ac AP832i as Fastest Wi-Fi in the Market

High Performance tests validate Meru’s superiority with video, voice and data

Today’s wireless LANs require higher performance to meet the demands of more users, carrying more devices, and using more applications. Meru was early to market with 802.11ac and has been aggressive in developing solutions with data rates that rival wired networks. The Tolly Group recently conducted a series of rigorous performance tests evaluating the Meru AP832i against the Cisco 3702i and Aruba AP-225 Wi-Fi solutions and the AP832i was consistently found to be superior.

the Meru AP832i was consistently found to be superior

the Meru AP832i was consistently found to be superior

Testing included single and multi-AP setups with video, voice and high-bandwidth data. The Meru AP832i consistently outperformed competitive 802.11ac solutions on both 40 and 80 MHz wide channels.
The Bottom Line:
  • Meru consistently outperformed Aruba and Cisco solutions in all test scenarios
  • Meru delivered 2x the throughput of Aruba when handling video, voice and data
  • Meru exhibited significantly lower latency with video traffic than either Aruba or Cisco

So, why is this important for your school or college? A school’s success in launching digital learning will be directly impacted by the performance of its wireless LAN. A wireless LAN that cannot provide predictable performance and service in dense user environments, deliver high definition video, or provide reliable connectivity for critical on-line testing, will impact class time, create frustrated users, and turn users off from wanting to use the new program.

These issues disrupt classrooms and learning and slow down the adoption of new learning initiatives, which will impact the expected Return on Investment.

Due to the unprecedented amount of enquiries we’ve had concerning 802.11ac and the recent success of Meru’s 802.11ac upgrade campaign, we’ve organised a free seminar to discuss and demonstrate Meru’s 802.11ac. Watch out for an email invitation from us and in the meantime mark the date in your diary, 4th July 2014 9am – 2pm at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

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