Blippit IO PureCode Python – Offering schools a tech free easy entry into text based coding

New for 2015, in response to schools’ demand linked to Computer Science, Blippit IO has this week announced the launch of its new product PureCode Python. PureCode Python allows students to code their projects anywhere and anytime thanks to the way it is designed for schools and it is the most flexible way to give students access to coding in Python wherever they are. PureCode is ready-to-use with no tech set up, it includes the popular Turtle for Python and is designed for easy school management.

How it works

Students log in to their own account under the school umbrella. They can start their project with a blank canvas, use a teacher template project or use one of Blippit’s template projects, Students can then share what they make, explore what others have made and learn from each other. Students can also download Python code to use wherever they want.

Pricing and availability

Pricing for PureCode Python starts at £125. Blippit IO offer a free trial for schools to test out the PureCode Python at:

About Blippit IO

Blippit IO is a growing suite of online computing tools for schools which also offers Blippit IO App Maker, which currently has over 35,000 users, as a powerful but simple new tool for the computing curriculum and Blippit Social is another arm of Blippit specialising as a complete schools’ social media parental engagement service backed by 20 years of experience working with schools in the North West and UK.

For more information visit:

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