Fujitsu are driving change in education through technology

The Fujitsu Education Ambassador Programme was launched at BETT 2015. A year on, Fujitsu have 10 schools, colleges and universities in the UK signed up to the programme, with 9 hubs already opened in 2015. At this year’s BETT show, Fujitsu announced they are aiming to sign up 20 more education institutions to their Education Ambassador Programme in partnership with Intel. It means hundreds more students across the UK will have better access to the latest technology and digital skills development.

The programme was set up to enable and promote collaboration across all levels of education, and promote shared best practice vision for driving transformational change through technology.

If you’re not familiar with what Fujitsu are doing, here’s how it works. Fujitsu have been setting up Innovation Hubs in education institutions across the country to equip students and teachers with the best in tech. Fujitsu believe that by putting technology at the heart of education you can enhance teaching and unleash students’ full potential.

This aligns with the Department for Education’s Further Education Learning Technology Action Group (FELTAG), which wants to identify the obstacles preventing further education providers from taking full advantage of technology.

This latest batch of hubs will feature Fujitsu and Intel technology, providing both students and educators with the opportunity to develop their digital skills.

Passion goes a long way in supporting and driving achievement, however, passion in isolation is sometimes not enough. Education needs collaboration and support from the wider industry to really support the right skills development for young people. This is about helping people get ready for the workforce of the future.

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