Ben Whittle’s Uber Computer Update

Front Panel

Ben has been working on the design of the front control panel, he has decided that due to the complexity of the design, he will not be manufacturing the panel himself as he does not have the equipment necessary to manufacture the panel to an acceptable standard. Ben has produced a working drawing and sent this to DataPro in Seattle who will manufacture the panel to Ben’s specifications using CNC machinery to ensure the perfect accuracy. The front control panel will have the following features:

4x USB 3.0 Ports
Headphone Socket
Audio Input
Volume Control
UPS Display and controls
Power Switch


Base Panel and Cable Management

Ben has been facing a challenge regarding cable routing for the motherboard compartment, mainly with the 24-pin motherboard power connector. The cabling needs to be neat and aesthetically pleasing, so the original plan was to have the rectangular cable duct directly in front of the power connector allowing wires to instantly disappear  into the cavity under the motherboard. Unfortunately this process was a bit more complicated as part of the desk structure would obstruct the cable as seen below:


Ben has decided to go with a circular cable duct to the left of the connector, it isn’t quite as neat as the original plan but it is the only option without modifying the structure of the desk. Because of this, the main power connector is too large to fit through the circular duct, this part of the wiring loom will need to be part of the base panel. This means that Ben will be preparing for final sanding and painting of this particular panel in order to make a start on the cabling.

The reservoir inlet and outlet will be on the side as seen in the photo, Ben has found some red aluminium fittings to attach the cooling hoses which fit the colour scheme. There is a transparent acrylic plug in the base of the reservoir, Ben is fitting an LED underneath the reservoir which will light the water from below. The top of the reservoir is transparent acrylic so the coolant level can be seen clearly from above.


Ben has routed out a groove on the underside of the desk to supply the reservoir lighting without any additional visible cables.


Ben has cut sections of RGB LED strip to the correct lengths for the SATA lighting strip. He is going to wait until all of the components can be put in their correct places before making the wiring loom and soldering the LED strips as this will ensure the loom is not any longer than it needs to be.

Ben has also started on the cable ducts in the back panel to supply CPU power, GPU power and cooling hoses. So far only the CPU power cable duct is in place, the photo should give an idea of the concept.


Below you can see the cable duct for the motherboard power and the finished SATA illumination strip with the SSDs in place, the entire board now needs to be touched up, sanded and painted.


Stay tuned for more Ben Whittle’s Uber Computer Updates

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