Ben Whittle’s latest Uber Computer Update


Ben has finally finished the fabrication and painting of most of the panels and has assembled the desk for cable routing and testing. There is still a lot of wiring to be done, and while it isn’t particularly complex it has been very time consuming. As you can see below the loom for the SSD activity indicator strip is now complete and in place.


Ben has also completed the wiring for the Asus ROG panel, intake fans and lighting. In order to test these systems Ben has removed the motherboard and drives from his existing system and mounted them in the desk. This has enabled him to test the front mounted USB ports and audio jacks, power switch, cooling fan speed control, SSD indicator strip, etc…


So far everything is working as expected, Ben is particularly pleased with the lighting and is looking forward to seeing the painting lit up in the right hand side. He is currently unsure what to do with the legs, the original plan was always to paint them black as with the rest of the desk. A few people have said they like them as they are, as a compromise Ben is considering staining them to try to match the finish of the M-Audio studio monitors which will sit either side of the screen.


Ben will give this a try first and see how it looks as it is much easier to paint black over varnish than sanding off black paint. Thankfully the colour of the lighting is much easier to change:


It is looking ok from the front but there is still much work to be done, still many cables to make, terminate and route. The rear panel still needs to be cut out and painted, then it will be on to mounting the exhaust fans and rear connectors. Currently it is just a mess of wires, pipes and components:


Ben is hoping to have the panel and cabling complete in August, then the construction will be complete and he’ll be ordering the components and testing. More updates to follow soon.

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