Virtue Technologies’ Managing Director Phil Lawson Wins Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2015 BIBAs

We are proud to announce that our Managing Director Phil Lawson is this year’s winner of the BIBA Award for Entrepreneur of the Year. Run by the North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, the BIBAs is the ‘the one they all want to win’. That’s because businesses that win a BIBA get much more than just a trophy. The meticulous approach of the judging process, the BIBAs Winners’ Academy and the national profile of the event means those entrepreneurs that take part in the BIBAs take their minds and business to another level.

When asked what it felt like to win a BIBA award and what it means to him, Phil said “It is a great honour to win such a high profile award, although it is an individual award it is only made possible by all the wonderful people that work for and are in partnership with us”


The Entrepreneur of the Year Category was focused on the person behind the successful business. Key areas for any entrepreneur are the ability to innovate and to recognise opportunities. Even though Phil is relatively young, he has a vast amount of experience, skills and knowledge which has helped him have a good eye for spotting businesses with potential. Phil has identified many new opportunities for his business. With the skills and knowledge he has gained from being the Managing Director of Virtue Technologies it has enabled him to easily spot potential in start-up businesses.

Phil was once before short-listed for Entrepreneur of the year at the BIBA awards back in 2008, since then Phil’s achievements as an entrepreneur have excelled. As the Managing Director of Virtue Technologies, using this as a base, he has developed numerous businesses which has given him multiple roots into the one niche market. Being involved with multiple companies focused on dealing with the same sector, it continually gives Phil a better understanding and knowledge of the sector in which he operates. It further allows him to develop and grow start-up businesses to be successful and continue to develop and complement each other.

Phil demonstrates many different personality traits that make a successful entrepreneur. As any entrepreneur will tell you, there are numerous problems to overcome and it is not easy being an entrepreneur. Being passionate and resilient can only go so far. Phil’s strong sense of self confidence along with flexibility, knowledge and vision makes him successful. Phil believes both continuity and consistency are critical, whilst sometimes it is easy to be drawn by something new Phil always looks to the bigger plan and maintains continuity.

His eye for cutting edge innovation and keeping abreast of emerging business ideas, trends and technology allows him to make informed judgements on future strategies and trends. Phil displays these qualities on a daily basis, but a fine example of when he has demonstrated these qualities is through the many business opportunities he contributes towards, making them successful.

Phil’s sense of strong leadership has earned the trust and respect of his team by demonstrating positive work qualities and confidence. This is displayed on a daily basis in the gratified workplace he has created for his employees. Phil has a strong sense of basic ethics and integrity to all his shareholders whether it be maintaining loyal partnerships with suppliers or always having the customer’s best interest at heart. As Phil grew up on a farm he was involved in a business from a young age, the honesty and work ethic of his upbringing is conveyed in the culture of the companies he is involved in today.

The Virtue Technologies team would like to Congratulate Phil once more for his many achievements. Congratulations!

Here is why the BIBA judges chose Phil Lawson as the Winner of this year’s Entrepreneur of the year award