New school year brings new security features to Office 365 Education

As schools prepare for the start of another school year and teachers get their classrooms ready to welcome students, Microsoft are introducing additional features to meet the needs of schools, teachers and students.

Today Microsoft are announcing changes to Office 365 Education that will make it easier for schools to meet their security and compliance needs at a time when teaching and learning are becoming increasingly collaborative and cloud-connected.

With today’s update Microsoft simplified their education lineup, moving to a single, free plan for all academic institutions and added several new features to help schools meet their security and compliance requirements.

In addition to the basic services—Office Online, 1TB of OneDrive storage, Exchange email and Skype—free Office 365 Education now includes advanced features such as:

  • Legal hold and eDiscovery to help you find, preserve, analyze and package electronic content for a legal request or investigation. This capability spans across email, documents and instant messaging.
  • Rights Management Services, which prevents file-level access without the right user credentials.
  • Data Loss Prevention to help you identify, monitor and protect sensitive information in your organization.

With these additional features, now included at no cost for Office 365 Education, schools can more easily maintain a safe, effective and compliant learning environment while providing world-class productivity tools for their teachers and students.

If you already have Office 365 Education, there’s nothing for you to do. These new features will simply show up as they become available.

School admins, if you’re not yet providing Office 365 Education to your entire school, contact Virtue Technologies today. We have deployed nearly 60,000 Office 365 seats across 86 customer sites.

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OneNote for Students – Collaborating in the classroon with OneNote Class Notebook [Interactive Tutorial]

The need for collaboration and communication between and among students and teachers is a high priority within education, and having the appropriate technology to seamlessly blend this in to day-to-day teaching and learning is key.

The tutorial below provides an insight into how the OneNote Class Notebook Creator can be used to access a personal workspace, assignments and teacher feedback, as well as providing a safe and secure environment for collaboration and group work:

Collaborating in the classroom with a OneNote Class Notebook


As you’ll discover in the tutorial, the OneNote Class Notebook is divided into 3 main sections:

  • Collaboration Space for sharing and editing content across students in real time
  • Content Library for various course materials
  • Student Notebook which provides private space for individual students and their teachers to communicate and see how their learning is progressing.

The teacher can control access and editing permissions across the different sections of the Class Notebook. This allows them to provide each student with a private place to work without their classmates being able to see their notes, and also keep the course materials protected from any editing by anyone other than the teacher.

This doesn’t come at the cost of creativity or group work, as the Collaboration Space gives the entire class a place where each student can share their ideas with their classmates, see who has contributed what, and receive real-time feedback from their teacher.

Students can also copy course materials from the Content Library into their own Notebook to work on them in private, while still sharing this area with the teacher in order to receive feedback and grading on their work.

The OneNote Class Notebook Creator is just one aspect of OneNote that will make learning easy, faster and more progressive, giving students and teachers an opportunity to work together and improve the way we learn.

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