But does it help students learn?

Student-made Blippit apps, woven with project based learning methodology, focus on transition & creativity!

You get a positive gut feeling when a project is able to be summed up like this:

“9 young people, 3 apps, 3 days”

Dare we watch?  How will they do? What if the pressure is too much?

The answer was that these young people, selected from 50 possibles who all wrote emails to say why they should be involved, did what most young people do and that is take it all in their stride.

Read Dave Cookson’s reflections on Blippit as an app making tool for schools

There’s a great blog here that diaries the three days and the project based learning principles behind the work and you can see for yourself how the comments of others drove reflection, re-versioning and improvement in the apps mad by the students using Blippit.

You’ll also see that the project had some very ‘can do’ people involved too like Assistant Head Teacher at Monkseaton Middle School Neil Cottiss @cottiss77

What was great for me was that I was treated just like a spare pair of hands by students who asked questions via email when they needed to.  I was also invited to comment on the blog when a new version of their app was shared – a great way to engage when activity is really tightly focused around a set time frame.

Planet Blippit

If you want to see what Seaton Burn College achieved in 3 days you can go to their personalised school app space on Planet Blippit.  No matter what phone or tablet they have, the Year 6’s & their parents are going to genuinely benefit from these apps. Will it affect their view of the college and it’s expectations of students?  I expect it will.  Great project & very proud to be involved.